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A Perfect Combo

 A  perfect combo...a ride along the rambling back roads of

 Tennessee and a hearty welcome, a restful bed and a full table at

 Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast Inn.

 Highway 52 was judged one of the best roads in the

 outheast by Car and Driver Magazine.

 We welcome Rider's to Grey Gables. It is our desire to seek the market of

 those persons who enjoy the wind in their face, occasional rain on their 

 backs and adventure in their hearts. It is our hope to

 have you come as individuals, couples or groups.

 There is a variety of activities available in the area of the

 Tennessee Plateau. Our Web Site highlights many of the

 attractions that Riders may see as they travel through the region.

 Our fare includes: lodging, evening meal and country breakfast.

 The cost is $165.00 plus tax, double occupancy;

 $105.00 plus tax, single occupancy.

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